Sponsor a Child's Education

The children below are in very difficult family circumstances and live in remote villages with no schools. They must attend a residential elementary school to receive an education. A sponsorship fee of $28 a month and covers the child's school fees, room, and board. Sponsors receive photos and updates describing the child's academic performance and other relevant information three times a year.
Ruo is 7 and in the first grade. Her mother deserted the family when she was a baby. Her father works in a distant city and most of his income goes to pay debts. Ruo lives with her elderly, impoverished grandparents in a village that has no school.
Contact us if you would like to sponsor Ruo.
Yan is 4 years old. She's started school early because her father and step-mother work in a distant city, leaving her and her siblings in the care of her elderly grandparents who have a difficult time looking after them because of their poverty and advanced age. The school in her remote village closed this year so she must attend a residential elementary school, but her relatives cannot afford the school fees.

Yan has been sponsored. Thank you!
Sheng, age 10, lives with his grandmother in a small village in the mountains that has no school. His father is disabled but is able to do some work in the city of Fu’an. His mother left home when he was two. His father’s income is barely enough to support himself, Sheng, and Sheng’s grandmother, and there’s not enough left to pay for school fees. Without a sponsorship, Sheng will not be able to attend school.

Sheng has been sponsored. Thank you!
Ting is 5 years old and in kindergarten. Her father is partially disabled and her mother left home when she was one year old. Her father can only work part time doing light work, and he also has to take care of Ting and her little sister because Ting's grandmother is too ill to do it. The father's wages are low and he must take expensive medicines, so there is no money to pay for Ting's schooling. She needs a sponsor if she is to continue in school.

Ting has been sponsored. Thank you!