English Instruction

In the cities, Chinese children begin studying English in third grade. But Jinzhuotou School had no English class, and when students transferred to middle school, they were completely unprepared for the level of English taught there. This was a major source of stress for the students and made it more difficult to succeed. In 2009, FujianKids began funding an English class at Jinzhuotou School. We have also provided additional English reading materials and study aids for students to use outside of class and during vacation.

Now after several years, we're seeing the benefits to our students in middle school who are doing much better in English, have more self-confidence in their abilities, and because they are no longer struggling in English class they have more time to devote to other important classes as well.

The cost to fund this class is $2,300 per year, and sponsors are needed to help cover this expense.

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