College for Sponsored Students

College admission in China is determined primarily by performance on a famously grueling two-day examination. Students from rural areas, those with poor families, and especially those who don't have parents are at a severe disadvantage compared to those whose families can afford special tutoring and constantly impress upon the student the importance of preparing for this examination.

Fortunately, some of our sponsored students are sufficiently gifted and motivated to have passed this rigorous exam with scores high enough to gain college admission. Although the government covers much of the cost of higher education, students' families are responsible for some of the expense, and the relatives of our sponsored students cannot even come close to affording the required $1,400 to $2,300 per year. Student loan programs in China are less common than in the U.S. and beyond the reach of our sponsored students.

FujianKids, in partnership with the Holt International Continuing Education Program, is providing funds so our sponsored students can attend college.

Help support college education for an orphaned student
Sponsored middle and high school students display voice recorders they received as part of the sponsorship program. These recorders allow students to record class lectures and later play back the parts they wish to review. Two of the students in this photo are now attending college, and we hope that some of the others will be able to do so after they graduate.