Education for Orphaned Rural Children

The Need: Many families in remote areas of northeastern Fujian Province live in extreme poverty, and when a parent dies or becomes disabled, their children often can no longer attend school. These children live with impoverished relatives who can barely feed them, let alone pay their school expenses. The villages are too small to have their own schools, so local children must attend a residential school in a larger town. Unfortunately, the local governments have no money to pay the orphaned children's school fees, leaving these children with no chance for an education.

The Program: FujianKids supports orphaned village children so they can attend school. Either one or both of the parents of our sponsored children has died, is disabled, or has deserted the family, and the children are living in extremely impoverished circumstances. For these children, an education is their only chance to escape a life of extreme poverty and limited opportunity.

You can help by sponsoring an orphaned child's education, for less than a dollar a day.

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