Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Institute

This orphanage is in the southeastern part of Fujian Province near Xiamen. There are about 50 children in this orphanage, some of whom live with foster families.
If you have additional information about this orphanage or the Zhangzhou area, or photos that you are willing to share, please contact us. There is an email group of families who have adopted from Zhangzhou and other orphanages in Fujian Province. To join this group, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FujianFamilies/.

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About Zhangzhou

Zhangzhou is located on the lower reaches of the Nine-Dragon River (Jiulong River), the second longest river in Fujian Province. The urban area is know as the "City of Flowers and Fruits," and the area is especially known for its mandarin oranges and narcissus. Some of the nearby scenic spots include the Hundred-Flower Village, in which villagers have planted more than twenty thousand species of flowers and cultivated more than ten thousand potted flowers and miniature trees, the ancient castle of Tongshan, several temples, and many other places of natural beauty or historical interest.

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Some children adopted from Zhangzhou

If you would like to post a photo of your child below, send us a jpeg version of the photo and the name of your child's orphanage. There is a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

Dang Xin Hua
b. 3/04, a. 3/05


Dang Xin Hua
age 3


Dang Xinyue
b. 9/02, a. 9/03


Dang Xiao Wei
b. 3/01, a. 2/03


Dang Xin Hui
b. 7/02, a. 9/03


Dang Xin Zhu
b. 7/03, a. 2/04


Dang Xiao Ling
b. 9/02, a. 9/03


Dang Xin Ying
b. 3/01, a. 9/03


Dang Xin He
b. 9/04, a. 7/06


Dang Li Yu
b. 8/05, a. 7/06


Dang Dabao
b. 10/05 (twin)


Dang Xiaobao
b. 10/05 (twin)


Dang Li Rong
b. 9/05, a. 7/06


Dang Xin Di
b. 4/04, a. 3/05


Dang Xinxiang
b. 8/04, a. 5/07


Dang Mei Lan
b. 7/07, a. 1/08


Dang Xin Qin
b. 3/04, a. 3/05