Yunxiao Social Welfare Institute

According to information provided by an adoptive family, this orphanage was established in 2003. It's a small orphanage with fewer than 10 children normally in residence. The orphanage is privately funded by some Hong Kong businessmen and houses only children with medical needs. Yunxiao is a town of about 20,000 people in the southern part of Fujian Province on the coast. You can read about an adoptive parent's visit to this orphanage in 2006 here.
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About Yunxiao

Yunxiao is located at the southern tip of Fujian Province near the coast. It has a strong agricultural economy, producing cooking oil, fruit, tea, and other products. The loquats grown in this area are famous throughout China. Several minerals and metals are mined in the county. The area is also known as a production center for counterfeit cigarettes. Weihui Temple is a noted tourist attraction in the area.

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Lin Yun Hua
b. 3/04, a. 11/05