Wuyishan Social Welfare Institute

This orphanage is in the northwestern part of Fujian about 240 miles from Fuzhou. It is quite small, and it appears that only a few families outside China have adopted from this orphanage.
If you have additional information about this orphanage or the Wuyishan area, or photos that you are willing to share, please contact us. There is an email group of families who have adopted from Wuyishan and other orphanages in Fujian Province. To join this group, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FujianFamilies/.

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Wuyishan Family Directory

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About Wuyishan

The municipality of Wuyishan is named after the famed Wuyi Mountains. The city proper is located at the foot of the southeastern slope of Huanggang Mountain, the main peak of the Wuyi Mountains, and sits on hilly land consisting of red gravel rocks. The peaks of the mountains in this area are striking and unusually shaped. The area is a major producer of tea, timber, and grain. Many notable historical sites are located in the mountains, including hanging boat-shaped coffins dating from 771 B.C., ruins of several ancient monuments, temples, and ancient cliff carvings. It is a significant tourist area within China.

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Some children adopted from Wuyishan

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Wu Zhengxin
b. 8/99, a. 4/01


Wu Zheng Xiang
b. 1/05, a. 2/07


Zheng Lan
b. 1999, a. 2000