Shaowu Social Welfare Institute

This orphanage has about 70 children in its care, some of whom are in foster care. Most of the children have disabilities or medical conditions. The orphanage was established in 1952 and is about 190 miles from Fuzhou. It can be reached by train. The trip by car is about four hours each direction over mountainous roads.
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About Shaowu

Shaowu city is an important communication center in northwestern Fujian Province, located on the railway line from Jiangxi to the coastal ports of Xiamen and Fuzhou and at the hub of a network of locally important highways. Local products include bamboo, rice, timber, tobacco leaves, and tea. Shaowu is near Mt. Wuyishan, a popular summer resort and an area of spectacular beauty.

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Some children adopted from Shaowu

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Shao Xiao Yi
August 2000


Shao Xiao Yi
age 3


Shao Zi Mei
referral photo


Shao Zi Mei
in 2002


a. 10/06


Shao Yi Fei
a. 7/05


Shao Yi Fei
age 4


Shao Yan Ting
b. 9/99, a. 12/05


Shao Qian Ying
at Shaowu


Shao Qian Ying
age 12