Nanping Yanping District Welfare Institute

This orphanage was founded in 1958. Originally, it consisted of only one building that was shared by both orphanage children and elderly residents. In about 2007, the elderly residents were moved to new, larger buildings on the grounds, which freed up additional space for the orphanage children and staff. Some of the special needs babies in this orphanage are in a foster care program sponsored by Holt International. The orphanage has a classroom, established and supported by FujianKids, for children and young adults whose special needs prevent them from attending public school. Nanping is about 112 miles from Fuzhou, and the trip from Fuzhou takes about 2.5 hours by train and about 3 hours by expressway.
Orphanage address:
        Nanping Yanping District Welfare Institute
        #3 Shuinan Street
        Nanping, Fujian Province 353000

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The Nanping/Yanping orphanage maintains a
website (in Chinese) containing information that may be of interest to adopting families.

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About Nanping

The city of Nanping is located in the Yanping District of Nanping Prefecture, in northwest of Fujian Province. The area is hilly, and the city is located at the confluence of three rivers that join to form the Min River. It has a subtropical monsoon climate and averages 296 frost-free days per year. Annual rainfall averages 65 inches.

The area around Nanping is heavily forested, and the area is rich in mineral deposits. The area is known for wood processing and papermaking; machinery production, textile manufacture, and electronics are also important industries. The chief agricultural products of the area are timber, bamboo, grain, and tea. Local specialty products include dried bamboo shoots, mushrooms, oil-tea camellia, oranges, and jasmine wine.

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Some children adopted from Nanping

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Yan Qiu Xiang
b. 5/97, a. 5/98


Yan Wan Shu
b. 7/01, a. 9/02


Yan Xiao Ling
b. 10/01, a. 2/03


Yan Fang Ping
b. 11/99, a. 10/00


Yan Ruo Hong
b. 8/01, a. 9/02


fraternal twins
Yan Ning Li and Yan Ning Na
b. 6/00, a. 5/01


Yan Dong Ying
b. 11/02, a. 10/03


Yan Dong Ying
age 6


Yan Yu Nan and Yan Yu Fen
a. 7/96


Yan Yu Nan and Yan Yu Fen
age 10


Yan Xiao Min
b. 2/01, a. 1/02


Yan Si Ping and Yan Si Nan
b. 6/01, a. 11/02


Yan Jia Li
b. 10/96, a. 11/98


Yan Jia Lia
almost age 7


Yan Xue Hua
b. 12/00, a. 12/01