Orphanage Family Directories

FujianKids maintains directories of families who have adopted from orphanages Fujian Province. The main intent of these directories is to enable adoptive families to find and keep in touch with other families who have adopted from the same orphanage. This can provide a family or background of sorts for your child, which some children may value as they get older.

The directories are for the use of adoptive families only. No personal information is posted online, and each directory is sent only to families who have adopted from the specific orphanage and who have provided their own family information for the directory.

If you wish to be part of your child’s orphanage directory, please include the following information in an
email to FujianKids. If you are uncomfortable including any particular item, just skip that part. If you don't want your mailing address listed you might consider sending it and requesting it to be kept separately. Then if your email address is no longer valid when we send out an update, we can contact you by mail.

1. Child's Chinese name
2. Child's current name
3. Birthdate
4. Adoption date (in China)
5. Orphanage name
6. City
7. Province
8. Parent's name(s)
9. E-mail address
10. Mailing address
11. Phone (if desired)
12. Any additional info

Updates of the directory are sent out approximately once a year.