Changting Social Welfare Institute

This social welfare institute is home to both orphanage children and elderly people. It is considered a long and difficult drive to Changting (about 11 hours to cover the 370 miles from Fuzhou).
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About Changting

Changting, also known as Tingzhou, is situated in the west of Fujian Province, and is a stronghold on the border of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, and a famous old revolutionary base. The Changting County has a population of 480,000 and a total area of 1,197 square miles, and is the fifth largest county in Fujian Province. The Tingjiang River, one of the three major rivers in Fujian, originates in Changting .

Changting has a hilly upland terrain and is of a subtropical maritime monsoon climate. It has an average temperature of 65°F with the lowest temperature of 45°F and highest 103°F, and an average annual precipitation of 68 inches, suitable for growing several kinds of grains and cash crops.

Changting is a famous national level historic cultural city, the capital of the Hakka ethnic minority group, and one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization in Fujian. Established as a county in the 24th year of the Kaiyuan reign in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Changting is the political, economic and cultural center of western Fujian. The Tingjiang River, originating within Changting, is the mother river of the Hakkas. Hakkas from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as Southeast Asian countries come to Changting to trace their roots. Changting boasts a historic cultural heritage of a long history and has many well-preserved cultural relics.

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Some children adopted from Changting

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Ting Fu Shu
b. 2/01, a. 3/02


Ting Fu Huan
b. 3/00, a. 2/01


Ting Fu Li
b. 3/01, a. 1/02


Ting Fu Yi
b. 2/01, a 1/02


Ting Fu Lian
b. 1/99, a. 5/00


Ting Fu Yuan
b. 6/00, a. 5/02


Ting Fu Qi
b. 3/02, a. 12/02


Ting Fu Lu
b. 6/01, a. 12/02


Ting Fu Wei
b. 12/01, a. 11/03


Ting Fu Jing
b. 10/01, a. 11/03


Ting Fu Chun
b. 3/94, a. 3/99


Ting Fu Chun
age 15


Ting Fu Chu
b. 10/01, a. 10/02


Ting Fu Chu
age 5


Ting Fu E
b. 10/00, a. 10/01


Ting Fu Dian
b. 10/01, a. 6/02