Detailed English language maps of Fuzhou and Xiamen are available from FujianKids while supplies last for $4.00 plus shipping. Contact us at the link on the bottom of the page for details.

A reasonably detailed map of Fujian Province can be viewed at
Maps of China. A map of Fujian Province in Chinese can be purchased from Omni Maps.


A few guidebooks to Fujian Province have been published but are difficult to find. Among the most useful is a series authored by William N. Brown. These can sometimes be found at online used booksellers.

Magic Fujian
Fujian Adventure
Amoy Magic (Xiamen), ISBN-10: 7561516045
Discover Gulangyu, ISBN-10: 7561524609
Mystic Quanzhou, ISBN-10: 7561521065
Discover Quanzhou, ISBN: 978-7-5615-2106-9 (FujianKids has a few copies of this book that you can purchase for $12 plus shipping; contact us for details.)

Tourism Guidebook Fuzhou (95 pages) is a booklet published by the Fuzhou Tourism Bureau about four years ago. FujianKids has several copies that you can purchase for $4 (including shipping). Contact us for details.