Most families adopting from Fujian Province will spend some time in Fuzhou. This is a large city, with a population of approximately 7 million in the urban area of about 400 square miles. It is surrounded on three sides by hills, and the ocean to the east. The city is known for its profusion of springs and from early times has been known as the "spring city." More than 900 years ago, the people of Fuzhou planted numerous green banyan trees, which won it another name of "Banyan City."

The Fuzhou airport is located a considerable distance outside the city in Changle. Several rail lines connect Fuzhou with the rest of the province.

Fuzhou produces a number of fine handicrafts, including Shoushan stone carving, Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware, gold and silver jewelry, fireworks, bamboo and wooden furniture, cork pictures, jade sculptures, wood carvings, porcelains, paper umbrellas, paper lanterns, and horn combs.

Some popular tourist attractions include West Lake Park, the Fuzhou zoo, Panda World zoo, Drum Mountain, the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys historical district, Xichan temple, and the Black and White pagodas

Some of the nicer hotels in Fuzhou include the Lakeside, Golden Resources International Hotel, Fuzhou Shangri La Hotel, and the Ramada Plaza Hotel.

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